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Forum: Release of MPEG CDVS Test Model 10.0 (after server upgrade)

Posted by: Massimo Balestri
Date: 2014-06-09 08:33
Summary: Release of MPEG CDVS Test Model 10.0 (after server upgrade)
Project: MPEG CDVS


The CDVS Test Model 10.0 is now available on both pacific.tilab.com and wg11.sc29.org subversion repositories at:


Moreover, the Test Model 10.0 has been tagged for future reference as

The source code documentation is available on http://pacific.tilab.com/frs/?group_id=65 (see the "CDVSDocumentation" package);
The results of a complete run of the code is also available in the "Results" package.

Instruction to build and run the code are provided in the README and README.build-from-svn.txt files.
A description of the changes is available in the NEWS file; here is an excerpt:
* Integration of m33159, m33189, m33160;
- m33159: CDVS CE1: A low complexity detector ALP_BFLoG;
- m33189: CDVS CE2: Improved SCFV;
- m33160: CDVS: Evaluate the performance of MBIT algorithm in TM9.0;
* Dead code removed in extract and vlfeat;
* parameters updated to limit the number of extracted keypoints to 250,250,250,300,500,650 for queries and to 300 for database descriptors;
* Implementation of the syntax defined in m33489, with the exception of ConvertedImageXResolution and ConvertedImageYResolution which were rejected by the group;
* Implementation of the ModeId numbering defined in m33489;
* Removal of obsolete options to produce SIFT cache files.

with kind regards,
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