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Welcome to the pacific server at Telecom Italia

The server has tools to help your team collaborate, like message forums and wikis; tools to create and control access to Source Code Management repositories like CVS and Subversion. It automatically creates a repository and controls access to it depending on the role settings of the project.

Important information about the MPEG CDVS project

The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG, formally ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11) is a working group of ISO/IEC with the mission to develop standards for coded representation of digital audio and video and related data. This web site hosts the MPEG Compact Descriptors for Visual Search code repository, and provides MPEG members with related information and support. Please note that access is restricted to MPEG members. MPEG committee membership is open to officially accredited members of National Standards Bodies or liaison organisations; see the SC29 site for details of the various bodies that are represented at MPEG (Working Group 11 of SC29), and at SC29, our parent ISO committee.

Committee members can access the MPEG CDVS project by login and password passed to members through their representative body. For further information please go to the MPEG CDVS project page and read the project description.

Picture and video datasets

All picture and video datasets are now stored in the datasets page.

Latest News

CDVS Applications v3 (MATLAB interface)

Massimo Balestri - 2016-03-09 10:05 - MPEG CDVS

Includes bug fixes proposed in m37887 regarding two problems of the Matlab interface code:

CDVS Applications v2 (conformance and examples)

Massimo Balestri - 2015-11-11 09:31 - MPEG CDVS

Changes to Conformance and Reference Software required by w15764 "Disposition of Comments on ISO/IEC CD 15938-14"

Release of MPEG CDVS Test Model 14.0

Massimo Balestri - 2015-07-16 15:30 - MPEG CDVS

The CDVS Test Model 14.0 is now available on both pacific.tilab.com and wg11.sc29.org subversion repositories at

Release of MPEG CDVS Test Model 13.0

Massimo Balestri - 2015-03-14 15:02 - MPEG CDVS

The CDVS Test Model 13.0 is now available on both pacific.tilab.com and wg11.sc29.org subversion repositories at:

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