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Rank Project Name Page Views
1MPEG CDVS209874   
3DCVRA 20156416   
4Nest Integration with Jemma6208   
5Innovation Allarmi di Rete5638   
6Metrics Collector5577   
7Tim Eyer CPUbased5265   
8Analisi dati mediante Deep Learning5043   
9Visual monitoring Deep Learning based3776   
10Car Classification3456   
11Fermo Cella3391   
12Neural Nets for Embedded devices3262   
15Satellite Image Segmentation2837   
16Configuratore Quadri Elettrici2684   
18Progetto PoliTo 2018 Deep Analysis1707   
19Progetto PoliTo 2018 Visual monitoring1211   
20ML & SON514   
21Mobile Network Analysis139   
22Content-based optimization for video97