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Forum: CDVS Applications v3 (MATLAB interface)

Posted by: Massimo Balestri
Date: 2016-03-09 10:05
Summary: CDVS Applications v3 (MATLAB interface)
Project: MPEG CDVS


Includes bug fixes proposed in m37887 regarding two problems of the Matlab interface code:
* a missing dependency in the build script “cdvs_compile.m” (affecting only Windows builds);
* a missing functionality in the “cdvs_uncompressed” demo, where it is currently not possible to customize
the CDVS extraction by changing some parameters (any change in the parameter set is ignored).

No changes in the CDVS Library and in the CDVS Evaluation Framework.

The new version of the code has been tagged as follows:

with kind regards,
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Welcome to cdvs-applications-v3--matlab-interface- [ Reply ]
By: Massimo Balestri on 2016-03-09 09:31
Welcome to cdvs-applications-v3--matlab-interface-