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Forum: CDVS Applications v2 (conformance and examples)

Posted by: Massimo Balestri
Date: 2015-11-11 09:31
Summary: CDVS Applications v2 (conformance and examples)
Project: MPEG CDVS


Changes to Conformance and Reference Software required by w15764 "Disposition of Comments on ISO/IEC CD 15938-14"
* Review the external dependencies:
- dependency from the Boost library removed;
* Check, correct, and improve the software:
- test on empty descriptor added;
- test on file size added (file size must match the size of decoded data);
- syntax check added;
- more detailed output information.
* Review and improve the content of the headers:
- standard MPEG CDVS header added to all CDVS Applications (including examples).
- the "section to be removed when the standard is published" has been removed;
* Check, correct, and augment the test set as appropriate:
- black image producing empty descriptor added.
* Make editorial improvements:
- document updated.
* Review the provided usage guidelines:
- document updated.

The new version of the code has been tagged as follows:

with kind regards,
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Welcome to cdvs-applications-v2--conformance-and-examples- [ Reply ]
By: Massimo Balestri on 2015-11-11 09:26
Welcome to cdvs-applications-v2--conformance-and-examples-