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Forum: Release of MPEG CDVS Test Model 12.0

Posted by: Massimo Balestri
Date: 2014-11-06 17:03
Summary: Release of MPEG CDVS Test Model 12.0
Project: MPEG CDVS


The CDVS Test Model 12.0 is now available on both pacific.tilab.com and wg11.sc29.org subversion repositories at:


Moreover, the Test Model 12.0 has been tagged for future reference as

The subversion tree now includes the Matlab interface (under the Matlab directory).

Documentation of the source code, results and anchors can be downloaded from the mpeg-cdvs project page at http://pacific.tilab.com/projects/mpeg-cdvs/
Please note that the documentation is now split into two parts:
1- documentation of the CDVS Library (simpler);
2- documentation of the entire Test Model (including the Library classes) in html and chm format.

Instruction to build and run the code are provided in the README and README.build-from-svn.txt files.
A description of the latest changes is available in the NEWS file, and partially attached for your convenience below.

with kind regards,

Test Model 12.0
2014-10-28 Massimo Balestri <massimo.balestri@telecomitalia.it>
* Implementation of the CDVS Library proposed in m35072;
- abstract interface + implementation library (in three variants: main, lowmem, bflog);
- including optimization of the descriptor computation;
* Implementation of the MATLAB interface to CDVS proposed in m35076 (using the CDVS Library);
* Removal of the orientation in the feature selection to allow faster computation of keypoints;
* Removal of the FAST variant of the ALP keypoint descriptor (obsoleted by the previous change);
* Removal of the parameters.txt initialization file (now optional);
* The "shiftOffset" parameter has been renamed "gdThreshold";
* Renaming of "HM" classes and methods;
* Upgrade of Doxygen documentation, now in two versions: one for the entire Test Model, and a simpler version for the CDVS Library.
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